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Hello, I’m Envy Jolie and welcome to my naughty playground where seduction is an abundant skill!
When was the last time you had the pleasure of spending quality time with a discreet, young, exotic, woman full of positive energy and stamina that is able to light up a room with her presence? I am differentiated from other entertainers providing a sultry combination of intelligence, beauty, class, honesty, humor, sex appeal, and style. And I am always exquisite from head to toe.

How would you feel to release your reserved responsibilities with the most sought Top 100 Worldwide Reviewed Provider to this date?

My joy comes from utilizing my talent in providing the most desirable VIP companionship and seduction of many levels.

Therefore, when you are in my arms, my ultimate desire is to be sure that you feel truly pampered and pleasured to the fullest degree. You work hard and deserve to unwind and indulge into your deepest desires & ultimate fantasies with a young beautiful woman.

Envy xoxo



While I am a proper, elegant and dignified mature, young lady, I have a passion for hot-blooded naughtiness. My pleasure center is multi-faceted and thrives on many levels. I have a carnal appetite for the extraordinary gentleman who is genius in the art of living. He harbors exceptional intelligence, imagination and compassion. This same man believes in mingling torrid romance with sophisticated intellect. What a powerful potion for gratification!

Fantasy woven into our liaison will become reality. There are evenings when urgent desires may drive me to unlock the secrets of your passion before you’ve barely opened the door. With lips locked, we will be whisked away into a supercharged world of erotica before we’ve even had a chance to say hello. That is my kind of greeting. On other occasions, public venues may insist that we are tame with one another at least at face value. Just imagine the electric chemistry sizzling between us until we can resist no longer and discreetly escape to our suite for a crucial fix. Perhaps this is why I am rated among the top 100 on TER.

I have several g-spots. Beyond the feminine one which you will soon discover is my penchant for cerebral conversation. Challenging interchange is such a turn on! The nurturing yet slightly dominant side of me tends to protect my friends and loved ones. You will find in me a bit of the girl-next-door but with a worldly edge. In the proper setting, I like to dabble in submissiveness with a respectful gentleman. I am not big on monogamy because I believe it is unnatural. Who needs demands or restraints? 

Freedom is the key to long-lasting relationships of any kind.



As for my figure, well let’s just say that your standard of physical splendor will never be the same. With certain assets that you may notice immediately. I am quite active with a daily exercise regime that includes Bikram yoga and weightlifting.

I maintain an expansive wardrobe and am always immaculately dressed whether I am going to the gym or a black tie affair.

I love to stimulate my mind and as such am a connoisseur of multiple pastimes that include water sports, exotic car racing, camping, hiking, fishing, shopping, modeling, artistic expression and writing.

At the top of my list is traveling with an exhilarating partner, dining and frequenting art galleries. Attending spa retreats, educational seminars, studying holistic medicine and exploring new talents rejuvenate my soul. I have a hunger to taste new experiences such as visiting more rainfalls and taking scuba diving lessons.

I am a deeply sensuous woman, having discovered many aphrodisiacs that excite and invigorate me almost as much as an ardent lover.

Success is my best friend and keeps me focused on ambition by infusing a blend of enthusiasm and confidence into my mindset. Down the road, I would love to own an elegant spa retreat that caters to affluent people who seek a private escape.


A few of my favorite things include plants because they are vibrant and everlasting (the Pachira is a particular favorite);

Halloween is an exciting holiday with all of the colorful festivities.

As for my favorite color? I love the entire spectrum!

I tend to favor dogs and penguins and wish I could have a dragon fly.

My preferred beverages are Red Bull with vodka and cucumber/lemon water.

My favorite restaurant is Fleming’s Steak House.


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